A divorce suit begins when a spouse files a petition for divorce. Certain residency requirements must be met.  There is a 60-day waiting period, measured from the date a petition for divorce is filed, before a divorce can be finalized. 

After a divorce suit is filed, information is collected.  Each spouse is asked to prepare a formal inventory and appraisement where they swear under oath that they have identified all assets and liabilities, both separate and community.

A divorce will be granted after the couple reaches an agreement on all issues. If an agreement is not possible, a divorce is granted after evidence is presented and the trial judge makes a decision. The final agreements or judge’s decisions will be memorialized in a written decree of divorce which will be signed by the judge.  Depending on whether there are children and how property is divided, there may be additional court orders signed by the judge and other closing documents signed by the parties to effectuate the terms of the decree of divorce.

The decree of divorce will address custodychild support, visitation, division of property, and possibly will address property agreements, alimony, college expenses, and other matters unique to your situation.