Kristen A. Algert

Kris Algert began practicing family law with Tom Ausley in 1991, became board certified in family law (by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization) in 1997, and partnered with Tom Ausley in 1998. 

Having litigated during those years, she saw first-hand the shortcomings and the problems litigation sometimes causes families.  When Collaborative Divorce was introduced to Texas in 2000, Kris became one of the first lawyers trained in Collaborative Divorce.  After 3 or 4 years of practicing both litigation and Collaborative law, Kris made the decision to practice only Collaborative family law, believing that Collaborative Divorce offers more to families than just legal solutions and gives families an opportunity to minimize the damage that conflict and animosity can cause. 

Kris devotes a lot of time and energy to local, state and national Collaborative professional organizations whose primary goal is to educate the public and other professionals about the benefits of Collaborative Divorce to families. She served as trustee and president of the board of the Collaborative Divorce Texas as well as the editor of the Institute’s newsletter The Collaborative Roadmap.  She also conducts trainings for other professionals who want to include Collaborative Divorce in their professional practices.  

Kris has been named a Texas Super Lawyer in Texas Monthly each year since 2005 and has been named a Best Lawyer in America in Collaborative Family Law and Family Law each year since 2007.In 2013, Kris was named best lawyer of the year in the state of Texas in the practice area of Collaborative Law: Family Law.

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